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Horticulture & Agriculture & Plantation Programme

To raise the economic status of the people living within the poverty line,. Horticulture was given due importance in that 3 fruit plant were distributed to each family numbering 120 families of district. Large numbers of gathering of local people and they were eager to receive the plants and plant them in their own field. The gathering was so strong that it took nearly 4 house for the process of distribution plants. The scheme become very popular. It such scheme is against brought after reasonable interval, this is definitely going to change the shape of district and in center will be assets to the people.

Every today tier lands where no cultivation work undertake as these are unprotect ion and expensive. People were advised to make use of such lands by applying manners, refection of rain waters, removal of soil to the except of 4” below from the level of land and raising the boundaries from all sides to preserve the rains water to upgrade the land fertility. Training were important in the seminars as to how neglected land some sort of income will accrue to the agriculture. A five days training to twenty farmers was organized in the village. In this training, farmers were trained to do farming by new and scientific methods. Experts from different agriculture universities were invited. Effective programme for energy development was chalked out in village. Solar energy, wind energy and other kinds of energy and its devices for application in human life were also discussed. Construction of smokeless stove (unnat Chullah) was discussed and demonstrated.