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Experience in Rural Development Activities

Since, India has predominantly agricultural economy and most of the population reside in the village therefore SLPK is the integrated rural development through active participation of the following issues in order to raise me status of the poor and deprived of society.

(a) Agriculture Horticulture and Agro-forestry development :-
Farmer’s training during the cropping seasons of Kharif and Rabbi, introduction of modern technologies in the farm sector, drainage line renovation and repairing of ahars, Pains, Check Dams & Ponds, Culvers, Group Tube wells, Hand pumps with the active participation of the local people.

(b) Construction & Development Activities :-
SLPK its journey of more than a decade tried to touch all the major aspects of the rural development despite its limited resources and lack of support from other sources. With the physical and monetary support of the people of Bagdaha village in Baghmara Block . The organization has also conducted participatory rural appraisal (PRA) in Kurmidih of Gobindpur Block under Village Development Programme supported with NABARD.